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Total Body Cleansing for
a Slender, Healthy You

Your struggles with losing weight are not simply the result of too much food and not enough exercise. Toxins and debris the body cannot eliminate are stored in fatty tissue, joints, muscles, and the brain.  This leads to excess weight that diet & exercise can't change.

Body fat accumulation, especially around the middle section, is a visible sign of toxic build up and a good indication that the liver is not functioning as efficiently as it should. This "body garbage", along with toxins and heavy metals, also clogs our organs, tissues and lymph systems.

In her book "Fast Track Detox Diet" available at Amazon, Ann Louise Gittleman points out the connection between weight loss and toxicity. She says "detox and weight loss go hand in hand. The more toxic your body becomes, the more difficulty you will have losing weight and keeping it off." She goes on to say " I see a clear link between rising levels of obesity and the fact that most of us are becoming more toxic every year."

The Soak Away the Pounds Complete Detox System helps you to lose weight, reduce cellulite and have healthy, glowing skin by cleaning out your body in a most unique way. This  stimulates your lymph system and draws out toxins, cellular waste and pollutants from the body. Using the Soak Away the Pounds System for 45 minutes you will actually see the different toxins being drawn out of the body through the more than 2,000 pores in your feet.

Cellulite is not just fat; you have probably seen cellulite on slim people. Cellulite is a buildup of lymph fluid and toxins from an unhealthy, clogged lymph system. You can not be slim & cellulite free until you detoxify your body. Soak Away the Pounds Complete Detox System is one of the healthiest ways to reduce fat and cellulite, while trimming inches.

Here are a few more reasons to use Soak Away the Pounds System

  • Healthy Weight Loss:  increase metabolism, reactivate the body’s fat burning mechanisms, release the fat cells holding toxins, reduce cellulite and easily maintain the weight that is correct for you.
  • Slow the Aging Process and Look Younger:  The aging of our skin slows and we are able to gain a more youthful appearance. 
  • Quick, Easy and Affordable:  Dr.J. Persani, Professor of and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa, Ontario states: “The more toxic we are, the faster we age and the body breaks down. The benefits to internal cleansing that most people experience are increased energy and well being, a healthier disposition and a better state of mind, weight loss, an increased metabolism, improved digestion, restoring balance to the body and its organs, lessening the body’s symptoms of discomfort. The aging process is slowed and the skin is able to rejuvenate itself correctly”.
  • Rejuvenation:  look and feel great, inside and out, beautify skin and hair
  • Restore and Regain Health:  create a stronger immunity system, fewer aches and pains, reduce allergies and flu symptoms, help activate the body’s intelligence to heal itself.
  • Easily Rid your Body of Toxins:  eliminate the discomfort of detoxification, remove heavy metals, chemicals and toxins easily and comfortably.

Unlike the inexpensive and ineffective products on the market today, the Soak Away the Pounds System is for people who are serious about making a major change in their body, quickly. Our Exclusive Array Design and Power Units make this more effective than models three times the price. This is the the strongest, most effective foot spa available on the market today, backed by a 2 year warranty. If all you're looking for is a relaxing foot soak, those others are for you.

This is NOT for People with Pacemakers,Electronic Implants, those who are Pregnant or Transplant Recipients. Do Not Use on Children or Pets.   Consult Your Own Physician Before Use.


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